Initiatives & Referendums

November 08, 2017
The Arkansas General Assembly has referred two (2) Constitutional Amendments to the electorate. These issues will be on the November 2018 ballot.

There could also be referendums proposed by special interest groups on the ballot, such as the medicinal marijuana issues in 2016. We will post any referendums after the Secretary of State has approved the signatures and officially put it on the ballot.

Issue 1 - House Joint Resolution 1016 Voter ID Amendment
Popular Name - A Constitutional Amendment Adding as a Qualification to Vote that a Voter Present Certain Valid Photographic Identification When Casting a Ballot In Person or Casting an Absentee Ballot.
Ballot Title - An amendment to the Arkansas Constitution concerning the presentation of valid photographic identification when voting; requiring that a voter present valid photographic identification when voting in person or when casting an absentee ballot; and providing that the State of Arkansas issue photographic identification at no charge to eligible voters lacking photographic identification.

Issue 2 - Senate Joint Resolution 8 Cap on Attorney's Fee and Damages Awards in Lawsuits Amendment
Popular Name - A Constitutional Amendment Limiting contengency fees and awards of punitive and non-economic damages; and changing the powers of the General Assembly and the Supreme Court regarding rules of pleading, practice, and procedure.
Ballot Title - Proposing an Amendment to the Arkansas Constitution to limit attorneys' contingency fees in civil actions to thirty-three and one-third percent (33 1/3 %) of the net recovery; to limit awards of punitive damages and non-economic damages in civil actions; to require adjustments to the limitations on punitive and non-economic damage awards for inflation or deflation; and to provide that the General Assembly may, by a three-fifths vote of each house, amend or repeal a rule of pleading, practice, or procedure prescribed by the Supreme Court and adopt a rule of pleading, practice, or procedure.

This information was obtained from the Arkansas House and Senate websites.