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Arkansas Election 2020

In an effort to have an affect on the 2020 Presidential party nomination process, the Arkansas Legislature moved the 2020 Primary Election to March 3rd. Candidates filed in November 2019. Thus giving Arkansans a year long election cycle and giving candidates more time to sway the voters and raise money.

2020 is a "mid-term" election year for statewide and countywide elected officials. Therefore, Arkansas will only have the Presidential race, Justice of the Peace and Constable races on the ballot along with three (3) ballot initiatives passed by the legislature and any ballot initiatives brought forth by citizens.
The three (3) proposed ballot initiatives from the 92nd General Assembly can be found on the Ballot Initiatives link in the navigation bar. Valuable resources to understanding them can be found here Ballotpedia and UofA Extension Service .

The Ballot Initiatives will appear on the General Election Ballot.

Ballot initiatives proposed by citizens will be listed when they are approved by the AR Secretary of State.