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FontAwesome v5.9.0 Icons

FontAwesome is the most popular icon set on the web. Below are all the icons in the latest free version; Solid (Default), Regular (Outline) and Brands.

FontAwesome has built-in sizing which inherts the font size of the parent container, as shown below, or you can specify a pixel size.

All of the icons are in black and white, but you can change the color of a specific icon or the entire set.

Below are 1482 free FontAwesome icons with the HTML i class designation and the unicode for stylesheet usage.

When changing the HTML on your project is not an option, we can leverage a feature of CSS known as pseudo-elements to add icons to a page. How to Use FontAwesome with CSS Pseudo Elements.

Standard Sizes
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        <i class="fas fa-camera fa-xs"></i>
        <i class="fas fa-camera fa-sm"></i>
        <i class="fas fa-camera fa-lg"></i>
        <i class="fas fa-camera fa-2x"></i>
        <i class="fas fa-camera fa-3x"></i>
        <i class="fas fa-camera fa-5x"></i>
        <i class="fas fa-camera fa-7x"></i>
        <i class="fas fa-camera fa-10x"></i>
Generate a custom size and color for a single Icon in the html code
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        <i class="fas fa-car" style="font-size:60px;color:green;"></i>

Search Text

Solid (Default)
fas fa-ad f641
fas fa-address-book f2b9
fas fa-address-card f2bb
fas fa-adjust f042
fas fa-air-freshener f5d0
fas fa-align-center f037
fas fa-align-justify f039
fas fa-align-left f036
fas fa-align-right f038
fas fa-allergies f461
fas fa-ambulance f0f9
fas fa-american-sign-language-interpreting f2a3
fas fa-anchor f13d
fas fa-angle-double-down f103
fas fa-angle-double-left f100
fas fa-angle-double-right f101
fas fa-angle-double-up f102
fas fa-angle-down f107
fas fa-angle-left f104
fas fa-angle-right f105
fas fa-angle-up f106
fas fa-angry f556
fas fa-ankh f644
fas fa-apple-alt f5d1
fas fa-archive f187
fas fa-archway f557
fas fa-arrow-alt-circle-down f358
fas fa-arrow-alt-circle-left f359
fas fa-arrow-alt-circle-right f35a
fas fa-arrow-alt-circle-up f35b
fas fa-arrow-circle-down f0ab
fas fa-arrow-circle-left f0a8
fas fa-arrow-circle-right f0a9
fas fa-arrow-circle-up f0aa
fas fa-arrow-down f063
fas fa-arrow-left f060
fas fa-arrow-right f061
fas fa-arrow-up f062
fas fa-arrows-alt f0b2
fas fa-arrows-alt-h f337
fas fa-arrows-alt-v f338
fas fa-assistive-listening-systems f2a2
fas fa-asterisk f069
fas fa-at f1fa
fas fa-atlas f558
fas fa-atom f5d2
fas fa-audio-description f29e
fas fa-award f559
fas fa-backspace f55a
fas fa-backward f04a
fas fa-balance-scale-left
fas fa-balance-scale-right
fas fa-balance-scale f24e
fas fa-ban f05e
fas fa-band-aid f462
fas fa-barcode f02a
fas fa-bars f0c9
fas fa-baseball-ball f433
fas fa-basketball-ball f434
fas fa-bath f2cd
fas fa-battery-empty f244
fas fa-battery-full f240
fas fa-battery-half f242
fas fa-battery-quarter f243
fas fa-battery-three-quarters f241
fas fa-bed f236
fas fa-beer f0fc
fas fa-bell f0f3
fas fa-bell-slash f1f6
fas fa-bezier-curve f55b
fas fa-bible f647
fas fa-bicycle f206
fas fa-biking
fas fa-binoculars f1e5
fas fa-biohazard f780
fas fa-biohazard f1fd
fas fa-blender f517
fas fa-blender-phone f6b6
fas fa-blind f29d
fas fa-bold f032
fas fa-bolt f0e7
fas fa-bomb f1e2
fas fa-bone f5d7
fas fa-bong f55c
fas fa-book f02d
fas fa-book-dead f6b7
fas fa-book-open f518
fas fa-book-reader f5da
fas fa-bookmark f02e
fas fa-border-all f84c
fas fa-border-none f850
fas fa-border-style f853
fas fa-bowling-ball f436
fas fa-box f466
fas fa-box-open f49e
fas fa-boxes f468
fas fa-braille f2a1
fas fa-brain f5dc
fas fa-briefcase f0b1
fas fa-briefcase-medical f469
fas fa-broadcast-tower f519
fas fa-broom f51a
fas fa-brush f55d
fas fa-bug f188
fas fa-building f1ad
fas fa-bullhorn f0a1
fas fa-bullseye f140
fas fa-burn f46a
fas fa-bus f207
fas fa-bus-alt f55e
fas fa-business-time f64a
fas fa-calculator f1ec
fas fa-calendar f133
fas fa-calendar-alt f073
fas fa-calendar-check f274
fas fa-calendar-day f783
fas fa-calendar-minus f272
fas fa-calendar-plus f271
fas fa-calendar-times f273
fas fa-calendar-week f784
fas fa-camera f030
fas fa-camera-retro f083
fas fa-campground f6bb
fas fa-cannabis f55f
fas fa-capsules f46b
fas fa-car f1b9
fas fa-car-alt f5de
fas fa-car-battery f5df
fas fa-car-crash f5e1
fas fa-car-side f5e4
fas fa-caret-down f0d7
fas fa-caret-left f0d9
fas fa-caret-right f0da
fas fa-caret-square-down f150
fas fa-caret-square-left f191
fas fa-caret-square-right f152
fas fa-caret-square-up f151
fas fa-caret-up f0d8
fas fa-carrot f787
fas fa-cart-arrow-down f218
fas fa-cart-plus f217
fas fa-cash-register f788
fas fa-cat f6be
fas fa-certificate f0a3
fas fa-chair f6c0
fas fa-chalkboard f51b
fas fa-chalkboard-teacher f51c
fas fa-charging-station f5e7
fas fa-chart-area f1fe
fas fa-chart-bar f080
fas fa-chart-line f201
fas fa-chart-pie f200
fas fa-check f00c
fas fa-check-circle f058
fas fa-check-double f560
fas fa-check-square f14a
fas fa-chess f439
fas fa-chess-bishop f43a
fas fa-chess-board f43c
fas fa-chess-king f43f
fas fa-chess-knight f441
fas fa-chess-pawn f443
fas fa-chess-queen f445
fas fa-chess-rook f447
fas fa-chevron-circle-down f13a
fas fa-chevron-circle-left f137
fas fa-chevron-circle-right f138
fas fa-chevron-circle-up f139
fas fa-chevron-down f078
fas fa-chevron-left f053
fas fa-chevron-right f054
fas fa-chevron-up f077
fas fa-child f1ae
fas fa-church f51d
fas fa-circle f111
fas fa-circle-notch f1ce
fas fa-city f64f
fas fa-clipboard f328
fas fa-clipboard-check f46c
fas fa-clipboard-list f46d
fas fa-clock f017
fas fa-clone f24d
fas fa-closed-captioning f20a
fas fa-cloud f0c2
fas fa-cloud-download-alt f381
fas fa-cloud-meatball f73b
fas fa-cloud-moon f6c3
fas fa-cloud-moon-rain f73c
fas fa-cloud-rain f73d
fas fa-cloud-showers-heavy f740
fas fa-cloud-sun f6c4
fas fa-cloud-sun-rain f743
fas fa-cloud-upload-alt f382
fas fa-cocktail f561
fas fa-code f121
fas fa-code-branch f126
fas fa-coffee f0f4
fas fa-cog f013
fas fa-cogs f085
fas fa-coins f51e
fas fa-columns f0db
fas fa-comment f075
fas fa-comment-alt f27a
fas fa-comment-dollar f651
fas fa-comment-dots f4ad
fas fa-comment-slash f4b3
fas fa-comments f086
fas fa-comments-dollar f653
fas fa-compact-disc f51f
fas fa-compass f14e
fas fa-compress f066
fas fa-concierge-bell f562
fas fa-cookie f563
fas fa-cookie-bite f564
fas fa-copy f0c5
fas fa-copyright f1f9
fas fa-couch f4b8
fas fa-credit-card f09d
fas fa-crop f125
fas fa-crop-alt f565
fas fa-cross f654
fas fa-crosshairs f05b
fas fa-crow f520
fas fa-crown f521
fas fa-cube f1b2
fas fa-cubes f1b3
fas fa-cut f0c4
fas fa-database f1c0
fas fa-deaf f2a4
fas fa-democrat f747
fas fa-desktop f108
fas fa-dharmachakra f655
fas fa-diagnoses f470
fas fa-dice f522
fas fa-dice-d20 f6cf
fas fa-dice-d6 f6d1
fas fa-dice-five f523
fas fa-dice-four f524
fas fa-dice-one f525
fas fa-dice-six f526
fas fa-dice-three f527
fas fa-dice-two f528
fas fa-digital-tachograph f566
fas fa-directions f5eb
fas fa-divide f529
fas fa-dizzy f567
fas fa-dna f471
fas fa-dog f6d3
fas fa-dollar-sign f155
fas fa-dolly f472
fas fa-dolly-flatbed f474
fas fa-donate f4b9
fas fa-door-closed f52a
fas fa-door-open f52b
fas fa-dot-circle f192
fas fa-dove f4ba
fas fa-download f019
fas fa-drafting-compass f568
fas fa-dragon f6d5
fas fa-draw-polygon f5ee
fas fa-drum f569
fas fa-drum-steelpan f56a
fas fa-drumstick-bite f6d7
fas fa-dumbbell f44b
fas fa-dumpster f793
fas fa-dumpster-fire f794
fas fa-dungeon f6d9
fas fa-edit f044
fas fa-eject f052
fas fa-ellipsis-h f141
fas fa-ellipsis-v f142
fas fa-envelope f0e0
fas fa-envelope-open f0e0
fas fa-envelope-open-text f658
fas fa-envelope-square f199
fas fa-equals f52c
fas fa-eraser f12d
fas fa-ethernet f796
fas fa-euro-sign f153
fas fa-exchange-alt f362
fas fa-exclamation f12a
fas fa-exclamation-circle f06a
fas fa-exclamation-triangle f071
fas fa-expand f065
fas fa-expand-arrows-alt f31e
fas fa-external-link-alt f35d
fas fa-external-link-square-alt f360
fas fa-eye f06e
fas fa-eye-dropper f1fb
fas fa-eye-slash f070
fas fa-fan f863
fas fa-fast-backward f049
fas fa-fast-forward f050
fas fa-fax f1ac
fas fa-feather f52d
fas fa-feather-alt f56b
fas fa-female f182
fas fa-fighter-jet f0fb
fas fa-file f15b
fas fa-file-alt f15c
fas fa-file-archive f1c6
fas fa-file-audio f1c7
fas fa-file-code f1c9
fas fa-file-contract f56c
fas fa-file-csv f6dd
fas fa-file-download f56d
fas fa-file-excel f1c3
fas fa-file-export f56e
fas fa-file-image f1c5
fas fa-file-import f56f
fas fa-file-invoice f570
fas fa-file-invoice-dollar f571
fas fa-file-medical f477
fas fa-file-medical-alt f478
fas fa-file-pdf f1c1
fas fa-file-powerpoint f1c4
fas fa-file-prescription f572
fas fa-file-signature f573
fas fa-file-upload f574
fas fa-file-video f1c8
fas fa-file-word f1c2
fas fa-fill f575
fas fa-fill-drip f576
fas fa-film f008
fas fa-filter f0b0
fas fa-fingerprint f577
fas fa-fire f06d
fas fa-fire-extinguisher f134
fas fa-first-aid f479
fas fa-fish f578
fas fa-fist-raised f6de
fas fa-flag f024
fas fa-flag-checkered f11e
fas fa-flag-usa f74d
fas fa-flask f0c3
fas fa-flushed f579
fas fa-folder f07b
fas fa-folder-minus f65d
fas fa-folder-open f07c
fas fa-folder-plus f65e
fas fa-font f031
fas fa-football-ball f44e
fas fa-forward f04e
fas fa-frog f52e
fas fa-frown f119
fas fa-frown-open f57a
fas fa-funnel-dollar f662
fas fa-futbol f1e3
fas fa-gamepad f11b
fas fa-gas-pump f52f
fas fa-gavel f0e3
fas fa-gem f3a5
fas fa-genderless f22d
fas fa-ghost f6e2
fas fa-gift f06b
fas fa-gifts f79c
fas fa-glass-martini f000
fas fa-glass-martini-alt f57b
fas fa-glass-whiskey f7a0
fas fa-glasses f530
fas fa-globe f0ac
fas fa-globe-africa f57c
fas fa-globe-americas f57d
fas fa-globe-asia f57e
fas fa-globe-europe f7a2
fas fa-golf-ball f450
fas fa-gopuram f664
fas fa-graduation-cap f19d
fas fa-greater-than f531
fas fa-greater-than-equal f532
fas fa-grimace f57f
fas fa-grin f580
fas fa-grin-alt f581
fas fa-grin-beam f582
fas fa-grin-beam-sweat f583
fas fa-grin-hearts f584
fas fa-grin-squint f585
fas fa-grin-squint-tears f586
fas fa-grin-stars f587
fas fa-grin-tears f588
fas fa-grin-tongue f589
fas fa-grin-tongue-squint f58a
fas fa-grin-tongue-wink f58b
fas fa-grin-wink f58c
fas fa-grip-horizontal f58d
fas fa-grip-lines f7a4
fas fa-grip-lines-vertical f7a5
fas fa-grip-vertical f58e
fas fa-guiter f7a6
fas fa-h-square f0fd
fas fa-hammer f6e3
fas fa-hamsa f665
fas fa-hand-holding f4bd
fas fa-hand-holding-heart f4be
fas fa-hand-holding-usd f4c0
fas fa-hand-lizard f258
fas fa-hand-paper f256
fas fa-hand-peace f25b
fas fa-hand-point-down f0a7
fas fa-hand-point-left f0a5
fas fa-hand-point-right f0a4
fas fa-hand-point-up f0a6
fas fa-hand-pointer f25a
fas fa-hand-rock f255
fas fa-hand-scissors f257
fas fa-hand-spock f259
fas fa-hands f4c2
fas fa-hands-helping f4c4
fas fa-handshake f2b5
fas fa-hanukiah f6e6
fas fa-hashtag f292
fas fa-hat-wizard f6e8
fas fa-haykal f666
fas fa-hdd f0a0
fas fa-heading f1dc
fas fa-headphones f025
fas fa-headphones-alt f58f
fas fa-headset f590
fas fa-heart f004
fas fa-heart-broken f7a9
fas fa-heartbeat f21e
fas fa-helicopter f533
fas fa-highlighter f591
fas fa-hiking f6ec
fas fa-hippo f6ed
fas fa-history f1da
fas fa-hockey-puck f453
fas fa-home f015
fas fa-horse f6f0
fas fa-horse-head f7ab
fas fa-hospital f0f8
fas fa-hospital-alt f47d
fas fa-hospital-symbol f47e
fas fa-hot-tub f593
fas fa-hotel f594
fas fa-hourglass f254
fas fa-hourglass-end f253
fas fa-hourglass-half f252
fas fa-hourglass-start f251
fas fa-house-damage f6f1
fas fa-hryvnia f6f2
fas fa-cursor f246
fas fa-icicles f7ad
fas fa-icons f86d
fas fa-id-badge f2c1
fas fa-id-card f2c2
fas fa-id-card-alt f47f
fas fa-igloo f7ae
fas fa-image f03e
fas fa-images f302
fas fa-inbox f01c
fas fa-indent f03c
fas fa-industry f275
fas fa-infinity f534
fas fa-info f129
fas fa-info-circle f05a
fas fa-italic f033
fas fa-jedi f669
fas fa-joint f595
fas fa-journal-whills f66a
fas fa-kaaba f66b
fas fa-key f084
fas fa-keyboard f11c
fas fa-khanda f66d
fas fa-kiss f596
fas fa-kiss-beam f597
fas fa-kiss-wink-heart f598
fas fa-kiwi-bird f535
fas fa-landmark f66f
fas fa-language f1ab
fas fa-laptop f109
fas fa-laptop-code f5fc
fas fa-laugh f599
fas fa-laugh-beam f59a
fas fa-laugh-squint f59b
fas fa-laugh-wink f59c
fas fa-layer-group f5fd
fas fa-leaf f06c
fas fa-lemon f094
fas fa-less-than f536
fas fa-less-than-equal f537
fas fa-level-down-alt f3be
fas fa-level-up-alt f3bf
fas fa-life-ring f1cd
fas fa-lightbulb f0eb
fas fa-link f0c1
fas fa-lira-sign f195
fas fa-list f03a
fas fa-list-alt f022
fas fa-list-ol f0cb
fas fa-list-ul f0ca
fas fa-location-arrow f124
fas fa-lock f023
fas fa-lock-open f3c1
fas fa-long-arrow-alt-down f309
fas fa-long-arrow-alt-left f30a
fas fa-long-arrow-alt-right f30b
fas fa-long-arrow-alt-up f30c
fas fa-low-vision f2a8
fas fa-luggage-cart f59d
fas fa-magic f0d0
fas fa-magnet f076
fas fa-mail-bulk f674
fas fa-male f183
fas fa-map f279
fas fa-map-marked f59f
fas fa-map-marked-alt f5a0
fas fa-map-marker f041
fas fa-map-marker-alt f3c5
fas fa-map-pin f276
fas fa-map-signs f277
fas fa-marker f5a1
fas fa-mars f222
fas fa-mars-double f227
fas fa-mars-stroke f229
fas fa-mars-stroke-h f22b
fas fa-mars-stroke-v f22a
fas fa-mask f6fa
fas fa-medal f5a2
fas fa-medkit f0fa
fas fa-meh f11a
fas fa-meh-blank f5a4
fas fa-meh-rolling-eyes f5a5
fas fa-memory f538
fas fa-menorah f676
fas fa-mercury f223
fas fa-meteor f753
fas fa-microchip f2db
fas fa-microphone f130
fas fa-microphone-alt f3c9
fas fa-microphone-alt-slash f539
fas fa-microphone-slash f131
fas fa-microscope f610
fas fa-minus f068
fas fa-minus-circle f056
fas fa-minus-square f146
fas fa-mitten f7b5
fas fa-mobile f10b
fas fa-mobile-alt f3cd
fas fa-money-bill f0d6
fas fa-money-bill-alt f3d1
fas fa-money-bill-wave f53a
fas fa-money-bill-wave-alt f53b
fas fa-money-check f53c
fas fa-money-check-alt f53d
fas fa-monument f5a6
fas fa-moon f186
fas fa-mortar-pestle f5a7
fas fa-mosque f678
fas fa-motorcycle f21c
fas fa-mountain f6fc
fas fa-mouse-pointer f245
fas fa-mug-hot f7b6
fas fa-music f001
fas fa-network-wired f6ff
fas fa-neuter f22c
fas fa-newspaper f1ea
fas fa-not-equal f53e
fas fa-notes-medical f481
fas fa-object-group f247
fas fa-object-ungroup f248
fas fa-oil-can f613
fas fa-om f679
fas fa-otter f700
fas fa-outdent f03b
fas fa-paint-brush f1fc
fas fa-paint-brush f1fc
fas fa-paint-roller f5aa
fas fa-palette f53f
fas fa-pallet f482
fas fa-paper-plane f1d8
fas fa-paperclip f0c6
fas fa-parachute-box f4cd
fas fa-paragraph f1dd
fas fa-parking f540
fas fa-passport f5ab
fas fa-pastafarianism f67b
fas fa-paste f0ea
fas fa-pause f04c
fas fa-pause-circle f28b
fas fa-paw f1b0
fas fa-peace f67c
fas fa-pen f304
fas fa-pen-alt f305
fas fa-pen-fancy f5ac
fas fa-pen-nib f5ad
fas fa-pen-square f14b
fas fa-pencil-alt f303
fas fa-pencil-ruler f5ae
fas fa-people-carry f4ce
fas fa-percent f295
fas fa-percentage f541
fas fa-person-booth f756
fas fa-phone f095
fas fa-phone-alt f879
fas fa-phone-slash f3dd
fas fa-phone-square f098
fas fa-phone-square-alt f87b
fas fa-phone-volume f2a0
fas fa-photo-video f87c
fas fa-piggy-bank f4d3
fas fa-pills f484
fas fa-place-of-worship f67f
fas fa-plane f072
fas fa-plane-arrival f5af
fas fa-plane-departure f5b0
fas fa-play f04b
fas fa-play-circle f144
fas fa-plug f1e6
fas fa-plus f067
fas fa-plus-circle f055
fas fa-plus-square f0fe
fas fa-podcast f2ce
fas fa-poll f681
fas fa-poll-h f682
fas fa-poo f2fe
fas fa-poo-storm f75a
fas fa-poop f619
fas fa-portrait f3e0
fas fa-pound-sign f154
fas fa-power-off f011
fas fa-pray f683
fas fa-praying-hands f684
fas fa-prescription f5b1
fas fa-prescription-bottle f485
fas fa-prescription-bottle-alt f486
fas fa-print f02f
fas fa-procedures f487
fas fa-project-diagram f542
fas fa-puzzle-piece f12e
fas fa-qrcode f029
fas fa-question f128
fas fa-question-circle f059
fas fa-quidditch f458
fas fa-quote-left f10d
fas fa-quote-right f10e
fas fa-quran f687
fas fa-rainbow f75b
fas fa-random f074
fas fa-receipt f543
fas fa-recycle f1b8
fas fa-redo f01e
fas fa-redo-alt f2f9
fas fa-registered f25d
fas fa-remove-format f87d
fas fa-reply f3e5
fas fa-reply-all f122
fas fa-republican f75e
fas fa-retweet f079
fas fa-ribbon f4d6
fas fa-ring f70b
fas fa-road f018
fas fa-robot f544
fas fa-rocket f135
fas fa-route f4d7
fas fa-rss f09e
fas fa-rss-square f143
fas fa-ruble-sign f158
fas fa-ruler f545
fas fa-ruler-combined f546
fas fa-ruler-horizontal f547
fas fa-ruler-vertical f548
fas fa-running f70c
fas fa-rupee-sign f156
fas fa-sad-cry f5b3
fas fa-sad-tear f5b4
fas fa-satellite f7bf
fas fa-satellite-dish f7c0
fas fa-save f0c7
fas fa-school f549
fas fa-screwdriver f54a
fas fa-scroll f70e
fas fa-sd-card f7c2
fas fa-search f002
fas fa-search-dollar f688
fas fa-search-location f689
fas fa-search-minus f010
fas fa-search-plus f00e
fas fa-seedling f4d8
fas fa-server f233
fas fa-shapes f61f
fas fa-share f064
fas fa-share-alt f1e0
fas fa-share-alt-square f1e1
fas fa-share-square f14d
fas fa-shekel-sign f20b
fas fa-shield-alt f3ed
fas fa-ship f21a
fas fa-shipping-fast f48b
fas fa-shoe-prints f54b
fas fa-shopping-bag f290
fas fa-shopping-basket f291
fas fa-shopping-cart f07a
fas fa-shower f2cc
fas fa-shuttle-van f5b6
fas fa-sign f4d9
fas fa-sign-in-alt f2f6
fas fa-sign-language f2a7
fas fa-sign-out-alt f2f5
fas fa-signal f012
fas fa-signature f5b7
fas fa-sim-card f7c4
fas fa-sitemap f0e8
fas fa-skating f7c5
fas fa-skiing f7c9
fas fa-skiing-nordic f7ca
fas fa-skull f54c
fas fa-skull-crossbones f714
fas fa-slash f715
fas fa-sleigh f7cc
fas fa-sliders-h f1de
fas fa-smile f118
fas fa-smile-beam f5b8
fas fa-smile-wink f4da
fas fa-smog f75f
fas fa-smoking f48d
fas fa-smoking-ban f54d
fas fa-sms f7cd
fas fa-snowboarding f7ce
fas fa-snowflake f2dc
fas fa-snowman f7d0
fas fa-snowplow f7d2
fas fa-socks f696
fas fa-solar-panel f5ba
fas fa-sort f0dc
fas fa-sort-alpha-down f15d
fas fa-sort-alpha-down-alt f881
fas fa-sort-alpha-up f15e
fas fa-sort-alpha-up-alt f882
fas fa-sort-amount-down f160
fas fa-sort-amount-down-alt f884
fas fa-sort-amount-up f161
fas fa-sort-amount-up-alt f885
fas fa-sort-down f0dd
fas fa-sort-numeric-down f162
fas fa-sort-numeric-down-alt f886
fas fa-sort-numeric-up f163
fas fa-sort-numeric-up-alt f887
fas fa-sort-up f0de
fas fa-spa f5bb
fas fa-space-shuttle f197
fas fa-spell-check f891
fas fa-spider f717
fas fa-spinner f110
fas fa-splotch f5bc
fas fa-spray-can f5bd
fas fa-square f0c8
fas fa-square-full f45c
fas fa-square-root-alt f698
fas fa-stamp f5bf
fas fa-star f005
fas fa-star-and-crescent f699
fas fa-star-half f089
fas fa-star-half-alt f5c0
fas fa-star-of-david f69a
fas fa-star-of-life f621
fas fa-step-backward f048
fas fa-step-forward f051
fas fa-stethoscope f0f1
fas fa-sticky-note f249
fas fa-stop f04d
fas fa-stop-circle f28d
fas fa-stopwatch f2f2
fas fa-store f54e
fas fa-store-alt f54f
fas fa-stream f550
fas fa-street-view f21d
fas fa-strikethrough f0cc
fas fa-stroopwafel f551
fas fa-subscript f12c
fas fa-subway f239
fas fa-suitcase f0f2
fas fa-suitcase-rolling f5c1
fas fa-sun f185
fas fa-superscript f12b
fas fa-surprise f5c2
fas fa-swatchbook f5c3
fas fa-swimmer f5c4
fas fa-swimming-pool f5c5
fas fa-synagogue f69b
fas fa-sync f021
fas fa-sync-alt f2f1
fas fa-syringe f48e
fas fa-table f0ce
fas fa-table-tennis f45d
fas fa-tablet f10a
fas fa-tablet-alt f3fa
fas fa-tablets f490
fas fa-tachometer-alt f3fd
fas fa-tag f02b
fas fa-tags f02c
fas fa-tape f4db
fas fa-tasks f0ae
fas fa-taxi f1ba
fas fa-teeth f62e
fas fa-teeth-open f62f
fas fa-temperature-high f769
fas fa-temperature-low f76b
fas fa-tenge f7d7
fas fa-terminal f120
fas fa-text-height f034
fas fa-text-width f035
fas fa-th f00a
fas fa-th-large f009
fas fa-th-list f00b
fas fa-theater-masks f630
fas fa-thermometer f491
fas fa-thermometer-empty f2cb
fas fa-thermometer-full f2c7
fas fa-thermometer-half f2c9
fas fa-thermometer-quarter f2ca
fas fa-thermometer-three-quarters f2c8
fas fa-thumbs-down f165
fas fa-thumbs-up f164
fas fa-thumbtack f08d
fas fa-ticket-alt f3ff
fas fa-times f00d
fas fa-times-circle f057
fas fa-tint f043
fas fa-tint-slash f5c7
fas fa-tired f5c8
fas fa-toggle-off f204
fas fa-toggle-on f205
fas fa-toilet-paper f71e
fas fa-toolbox f552
fas fa-tools f7d9
fas fa-tooth f5c9
fas fa-torah f6a0
fas fa-torii-gate f6a1
fas fa-tractor f722
fas fa-trademark f25c
fas fa-traffic-light f637
fas fa-train f238
fas fa-tram f7da
fas fa-transgender f224
fas fa-transgender-alt f225
fas fa-trash f1f8
fas fa-trash-alt f2ed
fas fa-tree f1bb
fas fa-trophy f091
fas fa-truck f0d1
fas fa-truck-loading f4de
fas fa-truck-monster f63b
fas fa-truck-moving f4df
fas fa-truck-pickup f63c
fas fa-tshirt f553
fas fa-tty f1e4
fas fa-tv f26c
fas fa-umbrella f0e9
fas fa-umbrella-beach f5ca
fas fa-underline f0cd
fas fa-undo f0e2
fas fa-undo-alt f2ea
fas fa-universal-access f29a
fas fa-university f19c
fas fa-unlink f127
fas fa-unlock f09c
fas fa-unlock-alt f13e
fas fa-upload f093
fas fa-user f007
fas fa-user-alt f406
fas fa-user-alt-slash f4fa
fas fa-user-astronaut f4fb
fas fa-user-check f4fc
fas fa-user-circle f2bd
fas fa-user-clock f4fd
fas fa-user-cog f4ef
fas fa-user-edit f4ff
fas fa-user-friends f500
fas fa-user-graduate f501
fas fa-user-injured f728
fas fa-user-lock f502
fas fa-user-md f050
fas fa-user-minus f503
fas fa-user-ninja f504
fas fa-user-plus f234
fas fa-user-secret f21b
fas fa-user-shield f505
fas fa-user-slash f506
fas fa-user-tag f507
fas fa-user-tie f508
fas fa-user-times f235
fas fa-users f0c0
fas fa-users-cog f509
fas fa-utensil-spoon f2e5
fas fa-utensils f2e7
fas fa-vector-square f5cb
fas fa-venus f221
fas fa-venus-double f226
fas fa-venus-mars f228
fas fa-vial f492
fas fa-vials f493
fas fa-video f03d
fas fa-video-slash f4e2
fas fa-vihara f6a7
fas fa-voicemail f897
fas fa-volleyball-ball f45f
fas fa-volume-down f027
fas fa-volume-mute f6a9
fas fa-volume-off f026
fas fa-volume-up f028
fas fa-vote-yea f772
fas fa-vr-cardboard f729
fas fa-walking f554
fas fa-wallet f555
fas fa-warehouse f494
fas fa-water f773
fas fa-weight f496
fas fa-weight-hanging f5cd
fas fa-wheelchair f193
fas fa-wifi f1eb
fas fa-wind f72e
fas fa-window-close f410
fas fa-window-maximize f2d0
fas fa-window-minimize f2d1
fas fa-window-restore f2d2
fas fa-wine-bottle f72f
fas fa-wine-glass f4e3
fas fa-wine-glass-alt f5ce
fas fa-won-sign f159
fas fa-wrench f0ad
fas fa-x-ray f097
fas fa-yen-sign f157
fas fa-yin-yang f6ad
far fa-address-book f2b9
far fa-address-card f2bb
far fa-angry f556
far fa-arrow-alt-circle-down f358
far fa-arrow-alt-circle-left f359
far fa-arrow-alt-circle-right f35a
far fa-arrow-alt-circle-up f35b
far fa-bell f0f3
far fa-bell-slash f1f6
far fa-bookmark f02e
far fa-building f1ad
far fa-calendar f133
far fa-calendar-alt f073
far fa-calendar-check f274
far fa-calendar-minus f272
far fa-calendar-plus f271
far fa-calendar-times f273
far fa-caret-square-down f150
far fa-caret-square-left f191
far fa-caret-square-right f152
far fa-caret-square-up f151
far fa-chart-bar f080
far fa-check-circle f058
far fa-check-square f14a
far fa-circle f111
far fa-clipboard f328
far fa-clock f017
far fa-clone f24d
far fa-closed-captioning f20a
far fa-comment f075
far fa-comment-alt f27a
far fa-comment-dots f4ad
far fa-comments f086
far fa-compass f14e
far fa-copy f0c5
far fa-copyright f1f9
far fa-credit-card f09d
far fa-dizzy f567
far fa-dot-circle f192
far fa-edit f044
far fa-envelope f0e0
far fa-envelope-open f2b6
far fa-eye f06e
far fa-eye-slash f070
far fa-file f15b
far fa-file-alt f15c
far fa-file-archive f1c6
far fa-file-audio f1c7
far fa-file-code f1c9
far fa-file-excel f1c3
far fa-file-image f1c5
far fa-file-pdf f1c1
far fa-file-powerpoint f1c4
far fa-file-video f1c8
far fa-file-word f1c2
far fa-flag f024
far fa-flushed f579
far fa-folder f07b
far fa-folder-open f07c
far fa-frown f119
far fa-frown-open f57a
far fa-futbol f1e3
far fa-gem f3a5
far fa-grimace f57f
far fa-grin f580
far fa-grin-alt f581
far fa-grin-beam f582
far fa-grin-beam-sweat f583
far fa-grin-hearts f584
far fa-grin-squint f585
far fa-grin-squint-tears f586
far fa-grin-stars f587
far fa-grin-tears f588
far fa-grin-tongue f589
far fa-grin-tongue-squint f58a
far fa-grin-tongue-wink f58b
far fa-grin-wink f58c
far fa-hand-lizard f258
far fa-hand-paper f256
far fa-hand-peace f25b
far fa-hand-point-down f0a7
far fa-hand-point-left f0a5
far fa-hand-point-right f0a4
far fa-hand-point-up f0a6
far fa-hand-pointer f25a
far fa-hand-rock f255
far fa-hand-scissors f257
far fa-hand-spock f259
far fa-handshake f2b5
far fa-hdd f0a0
far fa-heart f004
far fa-hospital f0f8
far fa-hourglass f254
far fa-id-badge f2c1
far fa-id-card f2c2
far fa-image f03e
far fa-images f302
far fa-keyboard f11c
far fa-kiss f596
far fa-kiss-beam f597
far fa-kiss-wink-heart f598
far fa-laugh f599
far fa-laugh-beam f59a
far fa-laugh-squint f59b
far fa-laugh-wink f59c
far fa-lemon f094
far fa-life-ring f1cd
far fa-lightbulb f0eb
far fa-list-alt f022
far fa-map f279
far fa-meh f11a
far fa-meh-blank f5a4
far fa-meh-rolling-eyes f5a5
far fa-minus-square f146
far fa-money-bill-alt f3d1
far fa-moon f186
far fa-newspaper f1ea
far fa-object-group f247
far fa-object-ungroup f248
far fa-paper-plane f1d8
far fa-pause-circle f28b
far fa-play-circle f144
far fa-plus-square f0fe
far fa-question-circle f059
far fa-registered f25d
far fa-sad-cry f5b3
far fa-sad-tear f5b4
far fa-save f0c7
far fa-share-square f14d
far fa-smile f118
far fa-smile-beam f5b8
far fa-smile-wink f4fa
far fa-snowflake f2dc
far fa-square f0c8
far fa-star f005
far fa-star-half f089
far fa-sticky-note f249
far fa-stop-circle f28d
far fa-sun f185
far fa-surprise f5c2
far fa-thumbs-down f165
far fa-thumbs-up f164
far fa-times-circle f057
far fa-tired f5c8
far fa-trash-alt f2ed
far fa-user f007
far fa-user-circle f2bd
far fa-window-close f410
far fa-window-maximize f2d0
far fa-window-minimize f2d1
far fa-window-restore f2d2
fab fa-500px f26e
fab fa-accessible-icon f368
fab fa-accusoft f369
fab fa-acquisitions-incorporated fa6f
fab fa-adn f170
fab fa-adobe f778
fab fa-adversal f36a
fab fa-affiliatetheme f36b
fab fa-algolia f36c
fab fa-alipay f642
fab fa-amazon f270
fab fa-amazon-pay f42c
fab fa-amilia f36d
fab fa-android f17b
fab fa-angellist f209
fab fa-angrycreative f36e
fab fa-angular f420
fab fa-app-store f36f
fab fa-app-store-ios f370
fab fa-apper f371
fab fa-apple f179
fab fa-apple-pay f415
fab fa-artstation f77a
fab fa-asymmetrik f372
fab fa-atlassian f77b
fab fa-audible f373
fab fa-autoprefixer f41c
fab fa-avianex f374
fab fa-aviato f421
fab fa-aws f375
fab fa-bandcamp f2d5
fab fa-behance f1b4
fab fa-behance-square f1b5
fab fa-bimobject f378
fab fa-bitbucket f171
fab fa-bitcoin f379
fab fa-bity f37a
fab fa-black-tie f27e
fab fa-blackberry f37b
fab fa-blogger f37c
fab fa-blogger-b f37d
fab fa-bluetooth f293
fab fa-bluetooth-b f394
fab fa-btc f15a
fab fa-buromobelexperte f37f
fab fa-buysellads f20d
fab fa-cc-amazon-pay f42d
fab fa-cc-amex f1f3
fab fa-cc-apple-pay f416
fab fa-cc-diners-club f24c
fab fa-cc-discover f1f2
fab fa-cc-jcb f24b
fab fa-cc-mastercard f1f1
fab fa-cc-paypal f1f4
fab fa-cc-stripe f1f5
fab fa-cc-visa f1f0
fab fa-centercode f380
fab fa-centos f789
fab fa-chrome f268
fab fa-cloudscale f383
fab fa-cloudsmith f384
fab fa-cloudversify f385
fab fa-codepen f1cb
fab fa-codiepie f284
fab fa-confluence f78d
fab fa-connectdevelop f20e
fab fa-contao f26d
fab fa-cpanel f388
fab fa-creative-commons f25e
fab fa-creative-commons-by f4e7
fab fa-creative-commons-nc f4e8
fab fa-creative-commons-nc-eu f4e9
fab fa-creative-commons-nc-jp f4ea
fab fa-creative-commons-nd f4eb
fab fa-creative-commons-pd f4ec
fab fa-creative-commons-pd-alt f4ed
fab fa-creative-commons-remix f4ee
fab fa-creative-commons-sa f4ef
fab fa-creative-commons-sampling f4f0
fab fa-creative-commons-sampling-plus f4f1
fab fa-creative-commons-share f4f2
fab fa-creative-commons-zero f4f3
fab fa-critical-role f6c9
fab fa-css3 f13c
fab fa-css3-alt f38b
fab fa-cuttlefish f38c
fab fa-d-and-d f38d
fab fa-d-and-d-beyond f6ca
fab fa-dashcube f210
fab fa-delicious f1a5
fab fa-deploydog f38e
fab fa-deskpro f38f
fab fa-dev f6cc
fab fa-deviantart f1bd
fab fa-dhl f790
fab fa-diaspora f791
fab fa-digg f1a6
fab fa-digital-ocean f391
fab fa-discord f392
fab fa-discourse f393
fab fa-dochub f394
fab fa-docker f395
fab fa-draft2digital f396
fab fa-dribbble f17d
fab fa-dribbble-square f397
fab fa-dropbox f16b
fab fa-drupal f1a9
fab fa-dyalog f399
fab fa-earlybirds f39a
fab fa-ebay f4f4
fab fa-edge f282
fab fa-elementor f430
fab fa-ello f5f1
fab fa-ember f423
fab fa-empire f1d1
fab fa-envira f299
fab fa-erlang f39d
fab fa-ethereum f42e
fab fa-etsy f2d7
fab fa-expeditedssl f23e
fab fa-facebook f09a
fab fa-facebook-f f39e
fab fa-facebook-messenger f39f
fab fa-facebook-square f082
fab fa-fantasy-flight-games f6dc
fab fa-fedex f797
fab fa-fedora f798
fab fa-figma f799
fab fa-firefox f269
fab fa-first-order f2b0
fab fa-first-order-alt f50a
fab fa-firstdraft f3a1
fab fa-flickr f16e
fab fa-flipboard f44d
fab fa-fly f417
fab fa-font-awesome f2b4
fab fa-font-awesome-alt f35c
fab fa-font-awesome-flag f425
fab fa-fonticons f3a2
fab fa-fonticons-fi f3a2
fab fa-fort-awesome f286
fab fa-fort-awesome-alt f3a3
fab fa-forumbee f211
fab fa-foursquare f180
fab fa-free-code-camp f2c5
fab fa-freebsd f3a4
fab fa-fulcrum f50b
fab fa-galactic-republic f50c
fab fa-galactic-senate f50d
fab fa-get-pocket f265
fab fa-gg f260
fab fa-gg-circle f261
fab fa-git f1d3
fab fa-git-square f1d2
fab fa-github f09b
fab fa-github-alt f113
fab fa-github-square f092
fab fa-gitkraken f3a6
fab fa-gitlab f296
fab fa-gitter f426
fab fa-glide f2a5
fab fa-glide-g f2a6
fab fa-gofore f3a7
fab fa-goodreads f3a8
fab fa-goodreads-g f3a9
fab fa-google f1a0
fab fa-google-drive f3aa
fab fa-google-play f3ab
fab fa-google-plus f2b3
fab fa-google-plus-g f0d5
fab fa-google-plus-square f0d4
fab fa-google-wallet f1ee
fab fa-gratipay f184
fab fa-grav f2d6
fab fa-gripfire f3ac
fab fa-grunt f3ad
fab fa-gulp f3ae
fab fa-hacker-news f1d4
fab fa-hacker-news-square f3af
fab fa-hackerrank f5f7
fab fa-hips f452
fab fa-hire-a-helper f3b0
fab fa-hooli f427
fab fa-hornbill f592
fab fa-hotjar f3b1
fab fa-houzz f27c
fab fa-html5 f13b
fab fa-hubspot f3b2
fab fa-imdb f2d8
fab fa-instagram f16d
fab fa-internet-explorer f26b
fab fa-invision f7b0
fab fa-ioxhost f208
fab fa-itunes f3b4
fab fa-itunes-note f3b5
fab fa-java f4e4
fab fa-jedi-order f50e
fab fa-jenkins f3b6
fab fa-jira f50e
fab fa-joget f3b7
fab fa-joomla f1aa
fab fa-js f3b8
fab fa-js-square f3b9
fab fa-jsfiddle ff1cc
fab fa-kaggle f5fa
fab fa-keybase f4f5
fab fa-keycdn f3ba
fab fa-kickstarter f3bb
fab fa-kickstarter-k f3bc
fab fa-korvue f42f
fab fa-laravel f3bd
fab fa-lastfm f202
fab fa-lastfm-square f203
fab fa-leanpub f12
fab fa-less f41d
fab fa-line f3c0
fab fa-linkedin f08c
fab fa-linkedin-in f0e1
fab fa-linode f2b8
fab fa-linux f17c
fab fa-lyft f3c3
fab fa-magento f3c4
fab fa-mailchimp f59e
fab fa-mandalorian f50f
fab fa-markdown f60f
fab fa-mastodon f4f6
fab fa-maxcdn f136
fab fa-medapps f3c6
fab fa-medium f23a
fab fa-medium-m f3c7
fab fa-medrt f3c8
fab fa-meetup f2e0
fab fa-megaport f5a3
fab fa-mendeley f7b3
fab fa-microsoft f3ca
fab fa-mix f3cb
fab fa-mixcloud f289
fab fa-mizuni f3cc
fab fa-modx f285
fab fa-monero f3d0
fab fa-napster f3d2
fab fa-neos f612
fab fa-nimblr f5a8
fab fa-node f419
fab fa-node-js f3d3
fab fa-npm f3d4
fab fa-ns8 f3d5
fab fa-nutritionix f3d6
fab fa-odnoklassniki f263
fab fa-odnoklassniki-square f264
fab fa-old-republic f510
fab fa-opencart f23d
fab fa-openid f19b
fab fa-opera f26a
fab fa-optin-monster f23c
fab fa-osi f41a
fab fa-page4 f3d7
fab fa-pagelines f18c
fab fa-palfed f3d8
fab fa-patreon f3d9
fab fa-paypal f1ed
fab fa-penny-arcade f704
fab fa-periscope f3da
fab fa-phabricator f3db
fab fa-phoenix-framework f3dc
fab fa-phoenix-squadron f511
fab fa-php f457
fab fa-pied-piper f2ae
fab fa-pied-piper-alt f1a8
fab fa-pied-piper-hat f4e5
fab fa-pied-piper-pp f1a7
fab fa-pinterest f0d2
fab fa-pinterest-p f231
fab fa-pinterest-square f0d3
fab fa-playstation f3df
fab fa-product-hunt f288
fab fa-pushed f3e1
fab fa-python f3e2
fab fa-qq f1d6
fab fa-quinscape f459
fab fa-quora f2c4
fab fa-r-project f4f7
fab fa-ravelry f2d9
fab fa-react f41b
fab fa-reacteurope f75d
fab fa-readme f4d5
fab fa-rebel f1d0
fab fa-red-river f3e3
fab fa-reddit f1a1
fab fa-reddit-alien f281
fab fa-reddit-square f1a2
fab fa-redhat f7bc
fab fa-renren f18b
fab fa-replyd f3e6
fab fa-researchgate f4f8
fab fa-resolving f3e7
fab fa-rev f5b2
fab fa-rocketchat f3e8
fab fa-rockrms f3e9
fab fa-safari f267
fab fa-sass f41e
fab fa-schlix f3ea
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fab fa-studiovinari f3f8
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fab fa-stumbleupon-circle f1a3
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fab fa-teamspeak f4f9
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fab fa-telegram-plane f3fe
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fab fa-the-red-yeti f69d
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