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We are a small web consulting firm. We make quality, responsive websites and templates. Kickstart your next project with one of our Bootstrap 4 templates or hire us for custom work and services.

We cater to small (Mom and Pop) businesses, non-profits, clubs, organizations and political campaigns.

We offer you several plan options to meet your needs, be they just a simple one-page site or a multi-page site - to get your personal message online or to promote your company.Contact us for a free consultation on what is best for you and or your company.

Our Services

Web Design

Our web design services can help you with a personal, just for fun, informative site or create your business image in the internet marketplace.

G & L WebDesign creates unique high-end websites regardless of the size. Our goal is to make you stand out with style and be remembered.

Get a quote today or buy a Template and do-it-yourself.

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Site Management

Tired of spending hours trying to figure out how to manage your site?

We run across individuals and business owners all the time who say they have a website, but they don’t have the time to learn how to manage it properly. As a result, they neglect upgrades, content updates, and more. Their message and/or sales suffer as a result.

For a reasonable monthly fee we'll keep your site up to date with the latest Template upgrades, content changes and more. We'll even help with sites not based on our Templates.

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We do not directly host sites. We provide the following services to assist you in getting your site up and running.

  • Domain Name purchase and registration.
  • Purchase server space to meet your needs.
  • Domain Name yearly renewals.
  • Monthly site analytics reports
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual billing is available.

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Our Methods


It's time to think more about your users with mobile devices. All of our Themes will make your site beautifully your client's browser, be it a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone with no effort on your part.

Multi-column layout becomes one column for viewers with tablets or smartphones, navigation elements become bigger for users with smartphones. And your desktop browser users will see just a normal web site.

Try changing the width of your browser window and you'll see how “G & L Themes” work.

Clean Code

HTML5 and CSS3 made life for web developers easier than ever. Welcome to the world where less code and less files are required. “G & L Themes” has more than 30 color schemes and all of them are created with no images for styling at all. Fontawesome icons are used on some of the Advanced Features and are included in the package for your convenience.

“G & L Themes” contain CSS-reset based on the reset file from HTML5 boilerplate which makes appearance of pages consistent on all browsers.

Print styles and styles for mobile devices are already included in the CSS code.

Easy to Use

“G & L Templates" are not designed for CMS. You can use its code right away after downloading without reading any documentation. Place your content, make customizations and you are ready to upload to the server.

All content management can be done by using existing sample blocks and styles as represented on the Template pages. Of course you can create your own styles, which is easy as well.

Even our Shopping Carts are easy to configure.

Our Template is built on the Bootstrap 4 Framework. Bootstrap 4 is a "responsive first" design. This is ideal for today's web user, since so many people rely on their SmartPhones and Tablets to surf the web. This is not to say it slights the desktop user. The framework is ideal for any environment. To learn more about Bootstrap basics, check out the tutorial links on the Credits page. If you need help, we're just an eMail away.

The many built-in features of Bootstrap 4 are numerous, but Bootstrap without some enhancements can be bland and unappealing to visitors.

A website needs to catch the visitor's eye before they are going stay. Our themes incorporate a number of features to draw attention to your site.

We’ve included a number of eye catching text highlight featues and several options to make your graphics standout. If you need something different or saw something on another site that will blend in with your site, just let us know; we'll be glad to incorporate it.

The LinGeo Template including the Blog and the Shopper Templates have over 60 pages. The LinGeo Forms consist of 17 forms and a Thank You for Contacting Us page. The forms can easily be adapted to any website, large or small for any purpose; Personal, Business, eCommerce and Non-Profit, Organizations, etc.

All of the Template pages use the master-style.css file for clarity and consistence.There are 12 color schemes included with all templates.

LinGeo is robust, customizable and loaded with functionality and multiple extras. LinGeo is an ultra-clean, readable theme that is light in color and feel. The use of the Roboto Google font gives all the LinGeo Themes a unique look. The singular color accent is subtly used throughout the theme, and becomes more apparent on hovered links. The LinGeo Template has been designed to allow you to incorporate items from each of the Themes into a website that fits your needs. A comprehensive "How-To" file is included.

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