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Our Templates are built on the Bootstrap 4 Framework. Bootstrap 4 is a "responsive first" design. This is ideal for today's web user, since so many people rely on their SmartPhones and Tablets to surf the web. This is not to say it slights the desktop user. The framework is ideal for any environment. To learn more about Bootstrap basics, check out the tutorial links on the Credits page. If you need help, we're just an eMail away.

The many built-in features of Bootstrap 4 are numerous, but Bootstrap without some enhancements can be bland and unappealing to visitors.

A website needs to catch the visitor's eye before they are going stay. Our themes incorporate a number of features to draw attention to your site.

We’ve included a number of eye catching text highlight featues and several options to make your graphics standout. If you need something different or saw something on another site that will blend in with your site, just let us know; we'll be glad to incorporate it.

The LinGeo Template including the Blog and the eCommerce Templates have over 60 pages. The LinGeo Forms consist of 16 forms and a Thank You for Contacting Us page. The forms can easily be adapted to any website, large or small for any purpose; Personal, Business, eCommerce and Non-Profit, Organizations, etc.

All of the Template pages use the master-style.css file for clarity and consistence.There are 15 color schemes included in all templates.

LinGeo is robust, customizable and loaded with functionality and multiple extras. LinGeo is an ultra-clean, readable theme that is light in color and feel. The use of the Roboto Google font gives all the LinGeo Themes a unique look. The singular color accent is subtly used throughout the theme, and becomes more apparent on hovered links. The LinGeo Template, with over 15 page layout examples, has been designed to allow you to incorporate items from each of the Themes into a website that fits your needs. A comprehensive "How-To" file is included.

Thank you for visiting our Templates George R. Hozendorf